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The new Bump-Up CD option from First Bank of Central Ohio. It's a high yield CD – that you are able to make even higher.

It’s no secret that interest rates have been rising with no guarantee they won’t go up after you’ve locked in yours. With a Bump-Up CD from FBCO, you lock in a great rate today. And if rates do go up, you can adjust your rate once any time during your term. So stop worrying and start saving.


5.25% APY


How does the Bump-Up CD work?

Open Your Account

Open Your Account

Lock in your rate just like a traditional CD.

Adjust to a Higher Rate

Adjust to a Higher Rate

If FBCO raises its rate for the same term.

Real Estate

Lock in the New Rate

With no change fees or penality – for the rest of the term.

Boost Your Savings

Boost Your Savings

Maximize earnings and feel good about your investment.

Why should you open a Bump-Up CD?

When interest rates are expected to rise, investors often are worried that they could lose out on returns if they lock into a rate too soon. With a Bump-Up CD, you get the best of both worlds: a fixed rate that can be adjusted upward if rates increase.

You are able to request an adjustment to your rate once during its term. When and if you decide to raise it is up to you. (An adjustment is not required.)

You can increase the rate on your Bump-Up CD at any time as long as you have reached the $500 minimum balance; you have not already exercised a rate increase during your term; and the available rate is not the same as or lower than your current rate.

To find out whether you have a rate bump request available, contact a First Bank of Central Ohio representative at (614) 992-6700 or email us at

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Rates accurate as of July 12th, 2024. All interest rates, annual percentage yields (APY) and terms are subject to change without notice. The bump rate applies to the standard 6-month and may be exercised once during its term. Fees may reduce the earnings on your account. Requires a minimum opening balance of $500 and a $500 minimum balance to earn the APY. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. See terms and conditions contained in the account agreement and account disclosures. Please call us at 614-992-6700 for further information.